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What is Commercial Building Insurance?

Commercial building insurance protects you from significant financial losses when your commercial property is impacted by an insured event, such as accidental damage, fire, earthquake, storm, and malicious damage.

Specific cover options for a commercial building insurance policy can include:

Building/Property Insurance

Covers damage to the property or buildings due to insured events such as fire, storm, malicious damage, and accidental damage.

Business Interruption / Loss of Rent

Provides compensation for lost rent if the property is damaged from an insured event claimable under the building & property section.

Glass Cover

Offers protection for the cost of replacing broken glass on the property.

Machinery Breakdown

Protects against the breakdown of machinery such as air conditioning systems and garage doors, due to motor fusion or motor failure.

Public Liability Insurance

Property owners liability to protect the commercial property owner if someone is injured on the property due to the landlords negligence.

Our clients are able to choose which coverage options they want to include in their commercial building insurance policy. Get the exact cover you want, with the best price negotiated for you.

Commercial strata unit in Queensland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about commercial building insurance and what we offer.

What is commercial building insurance?

Commercial building insurance provides coverage for physical structures used for business purposes, protecting against damage, financial loss, and liability claims.

Why is commercial building insurance important?

Commercial building insurance is important because it safeguards your business property, assets, and finances in the event of unexpected incidents or accidents.

What does commercial building insurance cover?

Commercial building insurance typically covers damage from fire, natural disasters, theft, vandalism, and liability claims from third parties.

How much does commercial building insurance cost?

The cost of commercial building insurance depends on factors such as the property value, location, construction type, and coverage limits.

How can I get commercial building insurance?

You can get commercial building insurance by contacting CBI and providing information about your business property and insurance needs.

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